Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions and you don’t see the answers here, please get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.

How should I prepare for my site for excavation?

Don’t try to do anything that is beyond your capabilities. We have the right equipment to do that for you. Whatever you can do to improve access to the worksite would be awesome though.

Why should I have my property slashed?

There are several benefits to slashing, some of the key advantages are:
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Produces mulch material
  • Reduces weed seed germination
  • Reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides
  • Clears dead trees and shrubbery in danger of falling and harming someone

When should I schedule a heavy transport project?

Sooner is better. It’s best to try scheduling at least 2 weeks in advance. That gives us plenty of time to ensure that the trucks, equipment and operators you need will be available and booked. Time-sensitive transports are available but have additional charges.

What is agricultural excavating?

Agricultural excavating can refer to the excavation required to build a new barn, improve water channelling in a 100-acre planting field, or any other project involving farm land operations. Some examples include:
  • Demolition of existing barns, outbuildings or other structures
  • Ground preparation for new outbuilding construction
  • Earthmoving to improve water erosion control
  • Burying an agricultural water tank
  • Grubbing and land clearing
  • Prepping trenches for silos
  • Digging a manure pit

Do RMS Truck & Plant Hire operators work with civil engineers?

Yes, all the time. Our excavation and civil construction professionals work closely with civil engineers to design and implement efficient and cost-effective building systems. We also regularly collaborate with architects and other building industry professionals so that all teams maintain a centralised and holistic master plan.

Do you have dust suppression equipment?

Yes we do. We have water carts with hoses and spray equipment to suppress dust on construction sites. Safety is our priority on every project.